Best service and support

  • Friendly!
  • Right contact per dealer.
  • 9am-10pm Concierge service
  • Support with knowledge, ideas, experience.
  • Pre-sales support:
  • Support in B2C and B2B sales(Architects).
  • Systems calculation, design and drawings (Projection).
  • Design & Specification Service
  • Advisory skills in any project and system design.
  • Showrooms concept service. Help with technical design and decor.
  • Transparent and quick service center. Tracking on Portal.
  • Onsite support: Technical Field Manager.
  • Project protection. Simple and automized.
  • Small warehouse in office for quickest pick-up.


  • New and improved trainings, based on experience with different formats.
  • Trainings plan for whole year.
  • Different formats (1 day 10-12 people to 5 days 120 people conferences).
  • Product trainings.
  • Hands-on trainings.
  • Sales Trainings.
  • Business Trainings.
  • Education for Architects (Architectural Faculty).
  • Webinars.