Meridian Audio was founded more than 40 years ago, back in 1976. This English brand is famous for its innovations and still develops and manufactures its products exclusively in England, near Cambridge. Meridian is famous for its achievements in the transmission and playback of music and movies from digital media. They were the first in the world to produce active digital acoustics, the first to make a hi-End standard CD player and the first ambient sound processor.

Today, the company is the undisputed leader in digital audio, has the right to vote in various associations, including the Blue-Ray group, equips the Jaguar–Land Rover brand group with music systems and produces a whole line of products for home music and cinema:

a Line of digital active DSP acoustics including embedded models, Hi-End CD player, award-winning, network players with hardware support for MQA, ambient sound controllers, High-End amplifiers, multi-room amplifiers and controllers, etc.

Meridian is famous for its impeccable reference quality reproduction, produces all its products only in England and provides the highest quality products, and most importantly, the support of its customers.


American company Raiva offers ready-made home entertainment areas, using the most modern leading audio-video technology, award-winning unique design, design accessories, acoustic design and decoration, as well as individually designed architectural and construction project documentation.

Raiva’s Mission is to delight and inspire people, turning home entertainment into an exciting environment. Raiva brings the whole family together to watch movies, TV, live shows, sports, concerts, video games, etc.

rayva’s Inspirer and Executive Director is Teo Kalomirakis – a renowned designer of personal cinemas. He developed the concept of home cinema for Disney, designed the first projects of IMAXPrivate, published two books.

With a unique team of engineers, designers and managers, Raiva simplifies the selection and construction of a Personal Cinema or Media room system, regulating and controlling the entire process from start to turn-key, combining the efforts of builders, designers and AV-integrators and offering a finished product instead of a complex process.


California-based Furman has been designing, developing and manufacturing professional electronic products since 1974 and is a global market leader in network air conditioners, thanks to which it has become widely known.

the application Area of these devices is no longer limited to music and musicians (although they remain special customers), but extends to a much wider area:audio processing, audio and video recording/post-production, broadcast systems, telecommunications and data processing.

the Company uses a number of unique technologies designed to protect the equipment from any problems in the network, including lightning strikes and improve the quality of audio and video.

Specifically for home use, hardware protection and system performance improvements through noise reduction, Furman produces a separate line of network air conditioners Elite and Reference, designed to unlock the full potential of High-End equipment.

To be continued…